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chatGPT – first successes

I will blog in depth about this shortly; but for now, I just want to list some of the incredible things I’ve done with chatGPT in my first week with it:

I know some folks have simply tried it and pigeon holed it as a gimick or flawed, much to their loss, imho. I’m looking hard into this, is the reason I look hard into anything: I want to be better at what I do, and there are many, many opportunities to improve my work, that weren’t here prior to this release.some brief examples (I have photos of many)
  • it wrote my blog articles, and the code for them
  • it understands brighterscript, rooibos, and maestro, with very little explanation
  • it can write rooibos unit tests for code
  • it understands the maestro plugin code
  • and could tell me what the functions did
  • and could update the code to add support for this presently not working case a = m.getString(m.games[m.lookupDynamicall].text)
  • it has written bash functions for me I’ve wanted for years, but didn’t have time to do
  • git utility functions and aliasaes
  • formatting changelogs the exact way I want, down to grouping by functional area
  • kill by port, and relaunch apache on windows
  • bunch of other stuff I forgot
  • it has given me advice on configuring and _resolving_ various software issues
  • laptop that crashed in hibernate for 1.5 years that I could not fix after countless hours
  • apache config, that I could not fix, even with help from NBA devops
  • sourcetree not working with wsl
  • it has discussed with me, at length design choices for software I’m interested in improving:
  • maestro-list – we went  over all my changes together
  • some aspects of maestro framework
  • algorithms for various video games I’ve got
  • it has written brightscript code, on demand, when I wanted it:
  • socket layer for rooibos, so it can communicate with the IDE (and corresponding typescript code)
  • Markdown parser, with a couple of implementation variations
  • example code, of various things
  • It created materials for new hires
  • exam questions for brightscript
  • example coding task (make a screen, with rowlist and video player)
  • solution for coding task: xml and brs sources
  • ongoing Documentation and testing
  • it is writing maestros’ documentation
  • adding writing unit tests for code that does not yet have them
  • it has given me advice on creating games: story, characters, puzzles, code, and more, and told me what is suitable for my kids to code (GameMaker) and even told me how to make specific things in gamemaker using THE UI VISUAL CODER, not writing code.
  • it suggested a business strategy for some parts of maestro that I’ve never released (the roku-robot, no-code figma plugin), and wrote me a license so I can release them, safely
  • then there’s all the personal stuff, and other pursuits (books, scripts, stories, songs, personal advice on finances, my marriage, kids); but that’s not so relevant to our conversation here.
There’s been a few occasions where, bth, it’s utterly astonished me. There’s about 5 I can’t choose between; but pasting in the plugin code, which, with all due respect would likely challenge anyone I know for several hours, and updating it within a cpl of minutes of chat was pretty incredible.